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                      The Battle of Clontarf Festival
                             April 19/20/21 - 2014

The Battle of Clontarf is an event of major nationalist importance in the Irish historical narrative. Lamentably, this seminal moment in our national consciousness has been allowed to drift pass without due recognition for far too long. We propose to draw together our efforts and ambitions in order to somewhat correct that imbalance.

It is proposed to stage the event over a three day period, starting on Sat  April 19/20/21st 2014. This festival aims to provide both historical accuracy that shows respect for a serious occasion, yet combined with a festival atmosphere to produce a world class event..

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The word on the street is a proposal of the following events have been submitted to the Dublin City Council

The list below is not in any given order and is not confirmed.

1 Banquet in Clontarf Castle

2 Fireworks in Dublin Bay

3 A reenactment of the Battle of Clontarf in St Annes or Clontarf prom

4 A viking Village

5 A major parade along the sea front at Clontarf

6 Viking long ship sailing in from Denmark

More updates on this site as soon as we can  
Around the country we hear Co Clare are staging a Gathering of the Clans from all over the world the week before the Battle of Clontarf
We also have news that after the Festival at Clontarf Armagh will
have their own event.

It all looks great for the folks around Clontarf in 2014

So guy's remember your heard it first here.

  The Battle of Clontarf 2 is on the way

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